Fettling Gangs
A collection of photograph by Harry Clough who worked mostly on the gangs west of Condobolin for more than three decades. The collection is remarkable for the photographs of the horse teams.

In the far west of the state the railway line was commonly closed as a result of sand drifts covering the track. During the war additional gangs were employed to clear drifts from this strategically important line. At other times they were employed re-establishing the sand embankments which also tended to be damaged during dust storms A horse team works to reinstate an embankment near The Gorge (mileage post reads 685), c1940

A fettling gang from Mallee Camp (west of Mellelea) gather around to collect their wages from a paymaster in the Drewry Car. Most ignore the camera although the man fifth from the left seems more than aware of its ability to immortalise his physique. 1935

Horse teams, Micabil Station, c1938

Near The Gorge, c1940

Horse team in front of The Gorge Station, c1940

The first motorised trike in the west. Euabalong West, East Gang, 1936
(B Ball, -, K Salmon, Wakefield,
H Clough, J Kinsella, T Pitman)

Mallee camp was a fettlers' camp near Mellelea, c1935

The Silver City Comet, drawn by PV104 calls at The Gorge, 1940

A small gang works on the bridge over the railway line at the down end of the crossing loop at Bumberry.
The bridge has since been replaced twice, the first time on the same site. The current concrete bridge is about 100m nearer Parkes.

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